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CEO Blog – Review and experience
of Heathrow Express


CEO Blog – Review and experience of Heathrow Express

As a regular traveller from central London to Heathrow, one of the world’s busiest airports, there is one service to get you there that stands out from the rest, Heathrow Express. This dedicated train service connecting London Paddington to Heathrow Airport, offers a seamless and efficient journey, ensuring you arrive at your destination with ease and comfort. So far this year I have travelled on 8 return trips, and only once has my journey been affected by a minor delay.

Designed to whisk passengers from London Paddington to Heathrow Airport in just 15 minutes, it’s the fastest way to travel between the city centre and the airport. With trains departing every 15 minutes, you can rely on the service to fit perfectly into your travel schedule, whether you are catching a flight or heading back to the capital.

A further benefit of travelling by train is that it is much more eco-friendly in comparison to travelling to the airport by car. According to our sustainability partner Trees4Travel, CO2 calculator a journey from Paddington to Heathrow produces 6.6kg of CO2, whereas the same journey by train only produces 1.1kg of CO2.

From where I live and work in central London, travelling to Paddington is easy by taxi or public transport as it is well connected with multiple underground lines connecting to the transport hub. If you are travelling to the station by taxi, I always ask to be dropped off at the Parade Street entrance, as this is the shortest walking distance to the Heathrow Express platform.

You can of course purchase your ticket when you arrive at the station, however I would recommend booking in advance with our friendly Business Travel Team when you book your business trip with us. You can also use your network rail card to receive up to one third off a full fare rail ticket. So do not forget to mention it at the time of booking, and take it with you on your trip.

Once on board the train you will be greeted by a sleek and modern train designed with passenger comfort in mind. The carriages are spacious, air conditioned and provide ample seating and luggage storage options to ensure a stress-free journey. They also provide complimentary wi-fi and each carriage is equipped with power sockets, ensuring that your electrical devices are charged ready for your onward flight. When departing London, I would recommend sitting within the middle section of the train for quickest access to the terminal once you arrive.

Heathrow Express offer two types of carriage, Express Class, and Business First Class. From what I can see the main benefits of travelling Business First Class are complimentary newspapers and refreshments, but beyond that there is little difference between the two classes.

Whether you’re a frequent business traveller, or visiting London from overseas, Heathrow Express provide a seamless and stress-free journey and if you are based in London, I would highly recommend it.

Mark Kempster
Founder and CEO

For further information about Heathrow Express or any other business travel arrangements, speak to a member of our Business Travel Team on 01892 673422

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