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The Hazards of Unmanaged Business Travel


The Importance of a Comprehensive Company Travel and Expenses Policy and the Hazards of Unmanaged Business Travel 

In today’s modern working world, where companies are spread across the globe, business travel has become an essential aspect of maintaining and expanding operations. However, the lack of a well-defined and comprehensive company travel and expenses policy can lead to significant inefficiencies and even potential risks for the organisation. In this blog, we will delve into the significance of having a robust company policy and shed light on the dangers associated with unmanaged business travel.  


The Power of a Well-Crafted Company Travel and Expenses Policy 

A company travel and expenses policy serves as a guiding beacon for employees embarking on business trips, outlining the expectations, guidelines, and protocols that need to be followed. Let's explore some of the key benefits of having such a policy in place: 

  1. Cost Control: A structured travel policy aids in managing and controlling travel expenses. It sets clear limits on accommodation, transportation, and meal expenses, ensuring that employees make cost-effective choices that align with the company's budget.
  1. Consistency: A well-structured travel policy promotes uniformity in travel-related decisions across the organisation. This consistency helps prevent any perception of favouritism or unfair treatment among employees when it comes to travel arrangements. 
  1. Productivity: With specific guidelines on booking procedures and preferred vendors, employees can save time and effort in planning their trips. This enables them to focus more on their business objectives whilst they travel. 
  1. Duty of Care: A robust travel policy incorporates safety measures to ensure the well-being of employees during their travels. This includes provisions for emergency assistance, health precautions, and a clear course of action in unforeseen circumstances. 


The Perils of Unmanaged Business Travel 

While the benefits of a well-defined company travel and expenses policy are evident, the absence of such policies can expose a range of potential risks: 

  1. Financial Mismanagement: Without set spending limits and guidelines, employees might indulge in unnecessary or extravagant expenses, leading to overspending. This can strain the company's budget and impact its financial health. 
  1. Compliance Issues: Unmanaged travel may lead to non-compliance with tax regulations, internal policies, or legal requirements in various regions. This can result in financial penalties and damage to the company's reputation. 
  1. Lack of Accountability: In the absence of clear guidelines, it becomes challenging to assign responsibility for any travel-related mishaps or oversights. This can lead to confusion, finger-pointing, and an overall lack of accountability. 
  1. Safety Concerns: Unmanaged travel can put employees' safety at risk. Without established safety protocols, employees might find themselves in unfamiliar or dangerous situations without a clear plan to navigate them.   
  1. Inefficient Operations: Disorganised travel arrangements can lead to missed opportunities, delayed meetings, and decreased productivity. This can negatively impact the company's ability to seize business prospects. 


Crafting an Effective Company Travel and Expenses Policy  

Creating a successful company travel policy requires a balanced approach that considers the organisation's goals and the wellbeing of its employees. Key elements to consider include: 

  • Clear Guidelines: Lay out specific guidelines for booking procedures, allowable expenses, and preferred vendors to streamline the travel process. 
  • Budget Controls: Define spending limits for various categories of expenses, promoting responsible spending behaviour. 
  • Safety Measures: Incorporate safety protocols, emergency contacts, and health guidelines to ensure the well-being of employees. 
  • Approval Procedures: Outline the process for obtaining travel approvals, ensuring transparency and accountability. 
  • Regular Updates: Keep the policy up to date to align with changing business needs, travel trends, and legal requirements.  


A comprehensive company travel and expenses policy is not just a set of rules; it's a strategic tool that can enhance operational efficiency, promote cost savings, and ensure the safety and well-being of employees.

At CT Business Travel we have the knowledge, tools and expertise to deliver a compelling travel management service. We consult with our clients to establish their key objectives and deliver tailored services and solutions that fit their business like a glove.  

To find out how CT Business Travel can help you and your business implement better travel management policies, call us on 01892 673422 or enquire here. 


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