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12 Best Apps
For Business Travellers


12 Best Apps for Business Travellers

Do you own a smartphone? Are you a frequent business traveler? Then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. For some reason, most business travelers seem to assume the usefulness of their smartphones and tablets pares down to researching/booking flights and hotels or checking Google Maps upon arrival. Such a limited conception!
This article will show you how those run-of-the-mill applications are merely the tip of the iceberg:


Whenever you’re stuck at the airport waiting for a flight, this app will help get the most of your time. Rather than wandering around aimlessly like a common tourist would, you can use GateGuru to fetch information on the nearby airport amenities and lounge rooms, complete with ratings and user reviews. By checking this information, you will quickly find a peaceful and pleasant corner to get some work done or just get some peace of mind away from the crowds.


Are you picky when it comes to airplane seats? Most frequent fliers are, and it’s only natural. In that case, SeatGuru will deliver all the goods you could hope for; using this ultra-detailed guide to airplane seating plans, you can figure out what’s waiting for you inside the plane. Do those seats recline? Are there available power ports? How are the windows aligned relative to your seat? Those are just some of the specifics you can easily investigate by using this application, before purchasing your tickets.


This app offers a surprising accuracy when it comes to predicting flight delays, before they actually “officially” happen and get announced in the airport. Armed with this information, you can often avoid unpleasant delays and surprises that might otherwise keep you from reaching your appointments on time.

Simply Declare

Do you tend to use your trips abroad as an opportunity to do a bit of shopping around, for items sold at lower cost than back in your home country? We most certainly do, and it’s often a great way to do some interesting savings! However, not all is roses – since there is often a customs duty limit, which caps the maximum value of your purchases before they’re considered “exportation” and charged with extra taxes. This app helps your cause by running a tab of your purchases (including pictures of the receipts), automatically converted to your national coin at up-to-date currency rates. Very simple, yet incredibly useful!


A great app to improve your personal organization, it’s particularly useful when you’re out and about. Evernote is the most advanced note-taking, idea-organizing tool you could hope for. You can use it to type in text, record audio clips or capture snapshots, which are neatly organized for future reference. Start using this app today, and never again will you have to waste time looking for that misplaced piece of paper where you scribbled that genius idea, that one time during those idle moments at the airport.


If you haven’t started using Dropbox yet, you’re missing out on something incredibly useful: pretty much a virtual thumb drive that you can access from anywhere in the world, over the Internet. Keep your documents stored in there and you can easily retrieve them and redirect them anytime you need to, rather than chastising yourself because you forgot to save a crucial document from your home computer to your laptop. This service can be used from any type of computer, and the smartphone/tablet app does a great job at connecting the dots between different systems.

Scan2PDF Mobile

Have you noticed how good the built-in camera in your smartphone is? Because in many cases (assuming the device is relatively modern), it’ll be good enough to capture great quality scans of any document or paper (with perfect legibility): just by taking a snapshot. With an app like Scan2PDF mobile, you can instantly convert those photos into standard PDF documents that can easily be sent to your collaborators. Try it! You will be surprised to realize that your smartphone or tablet also works pretty well as a document scanner.

DataViz Documents to Go

A widely versatile document reader; you can use it to create, edit, and read all the common office documents: including Word (DOC/DOCX), Excel (XLS/XLSX), and PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX); moreover, it also allows reading PDF documents. With this application, you can easily keep your reading / documentation up to date no matter where you are.


If you need something to annotate PDF files specifically, this is by far the most recommendable app currently available. Not only does it render PDFs with flawless accuracy (including those with enabled audio and video), but also includes neat features such as bookmarking and text-to-speech. The real highlight, however – that’s the powerful suite of PDF annotation tools: you can scribble, type or draw directly over a PDF and easily share your annotations with anyone you want. Load this up in a sizeable screen, and you’ll be able to get some serious revision work done in great comfort.


For a simple, efficient and inexpensive way of keeping in touch with multiple collaborators, you should consider TextPLUS, which is essentially SMS messaging on vitamins. With it, you can text to 20 contacts at once and easily coordinate activities and distribute snippets of information.


When brief SMS messages just won’t do the trick, then it’s time to step it up with an application like Imo. This universal IM client will connect to all your instant messaging accounts (MSN live, ICQ, gTalk, Skype and several others) from a single app; you can use it to quickly keep up to date with all your contacts, and receive notifications when someone tries to communicate with you.


This application is likely the most advanced data back and cellphone protection tool currently available. You can use it to back up your phone data (including contacts and SMS) easily, as well as tracking down your phone or locking it up remotely from another device, in case it gets misplaced or stolen.


You might have heard of Accuweather as one of the most reliable and powerful worldwide weather forecast tools at the moments. With that in mind, it’s not difficult to understand just how useful this app can be when you’re preparing your next trip and packing your luggage, right?
Try out these apps today (most of which are available for the two major platforms – Google’s Android Marketplace and Apple’s App Store), and you will soon realize just how useful a companion your smartphone or tablet really is, during your next business trip.

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