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7 Things to Look for When
Booking a Business Travel Hotel


7 Things to Look for When Booking a Business Travel Hotel

Booking the right hotel for your business travel needs goes a long way to making your business trip successful, productive and memorable for all the right reasons. Your requirements for a business trip will be different to that of a holiday, so here’s our top 7 tips for picking a hotel to fit your business travel needs.


Location, location, location:

The location of your hotel is important for several key reasons; Firstly, and most importantly is ensuring the safety of your travellers and upholding your duty of care towards them. A safe neighbourhood means happy staff who aren’t put in risky or potentially dangerous positions. If you are new to the area, use the expertise of a travel consultant to advise on the best hotels in the safest locations. You will also want a hotel that is close to the meeting or venue you are travelling to. This will save time on travel and money on unnecessary taxis and transport. Sometimes it is worth paying more on the hotel to save on taxi fares.


Business Traveller Reviews:

We all use review sites such as TripAdvisor when checking out hotels for our holidays, but did you know you can filter the hotel reviews by Traveller Type? Simply click on the hotel, select the review section and apply the filter ‘Traveller Type’ and ‘Business’. This will give you much better idea of the suitability of the accommodation for your needs as a business traveller. Are there quiet floors or is there a loud bar with late music that will keep you up? Is there fast Wi-Fi, or is it slow and expensive? Some hotels are just not designed for the needs of business travellers, so selecting the right accommodation for your needs is key to a stress-free trip.


All in one place:

Does the hotel have everything you could need as a business traveller? Often you are working long hours, in an unfamiliar place and just want to grab some food and get a good night’s sleep. Picking a hotel that has a good onsite restaurant, bar and a café is a great way to cover all bases and means you won’t be wasting time trying to find local amenities.


Free unlimited Wi-Fi:

When working away, inevitably you will be using your laptop in the hotel to follow up on meetings or catch up on emails after a long day out of the office. Free and unlimited Wi-Fi access will mean you can stay on top of work and not pay for the privilege. Some hotels have charged up to £20 a day for internet access, which isn’t very business friendly. The speed of the Wi-Fi is also essential, free Wi-Fi that just buffers isn’t acceptable and will only cause you more stress. Make sure you check with the hotel before booking.


Healthy food options and room service:

Life on the road can often take its toll on our routine and sometimes our waistlines, opting for the fastest and most convenient food options when we are tired form a long day of travelling. Look for hotels with healthy restaurant options and room service, meaning you can relax in your room and get a healthy meal.


A good gym:

Just because you are away with work, it doesn’t mean you have to stop your routine. The key to happy business travel is maintaining normality and staying healthy. A well-equipped gym or fitness centre allows for travellers to keep their work-life balance, stay fit and reduce stress. Traveller mental and physical wellness is an essential, and exercise can help reduce stress and aid a good night’s sleep.


Excellent customer service:

A hotel with great facilities is a real plus, but it is the people and the service that makes a stay stand out. When you are travelling for business, you have different requirements to a leisure traveller and you may be staying a short time in a new place, so the customer service and help offered by hotel staff will make your trip. From recommending restaurants and local amenities to helping you with any adhoc requests, a welcoming and helpful team will make all the difference.


Why should I use CT Business Travel?:

Our Travel Consultants have vast knowledge and expertise in booking business travel and hotels. From recommending the best locations for your requirements to ensuring the hotel is business travel appropriate, let us do the leg work and find the best hotel for your next business travel trip.


CT business Travel Are Trusted BY:

Providing outstanding service is at the core of everything CT Business Travel do, and this is reflected in our impressive portfolio of clients who trust us to manage their travel needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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