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9 Ways to Make Sure You Have Effective Meetings

May 17, 2017

We’ve all been there – it’s gone on too long, key points haven’t been discussed, the meeting’s been a waste of time …

Meetings are a crucial part of the working ecosystem, helping to drive strategies forward, being a hub for new ideas and a place of respected discussion. Easier said than done though don’t you think? It’s easy for meetings to slip into irrelevant discussion meaning your allotted time is effectively wasted. What can be done to change this cycle?

Here at CT Business Travel we’ve teamed up with Neomam Studios to find a solution to this question. Have you ever had a meeting outside? Or, have you ever heard of the Swiss train approach? Our “9 ways to make sure you have effective meetings” suggests other interesting ways to approach your meetings for optimum effectiveness?



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9 way to make sure you have effective meetings9 way to make sure you have effective meetings [Infographic] by the team at CT Business Travel

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