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Apps For Making
Business Travel Easier


Apps for making business travel easier

When you’re travelling for business, it can sometimes take the fun away from it. After all, not all of us enjoy being holed up in meetings and hotels – even if we are in another country. In fact – the reality of business travelling can be pretty stressful, after all – you’re in new places all the time, and you barely have enough time to make it familiar.

But don’t worry – there are ways we can make the whole experience a little less painful. And if the invention of the smart phone was good for anything – it has been for some of the incredible apps that have been created for it. It’s true (and I stand by it) that a good selection of apps can make your life seriously easier.

So what are my top app recommendations?

1. Google Maps

Sounds obvious, but you need to have some access to Google maps. I can’t count the times when I’ve got lost during a business trip – and ended up being late – so make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Google Maps is by far the best map system out there at the moment, so it’s the one you should be downloading.

2. Google Translate

Avoid all confusion between you and foreign staff members, by having Google Translate to hand. It’s not only helpful for communicating with friends and colleagues who speak a different language – but it’ll also help for simple things such as eating out, ordering food or giving a taxi driver directions.

3. Jet Lag Genie

If you travel a lot – or if you travel far, then Jet Lag Genie is going to be your new best friend. There is a trick to overcoming jet lag and this app seems to have it nailed. You simply enter your regular sleeping pattern, your flight times and your destination – and this app will help you calculate when and for how long you should be sleeping to overcome jetlag as best as possible. Whilst it may not work for everyone, its definitely worth a shot – because the last thing you want during a business meeting is to be falling asleep.

4. Expensify

If like me you constantly keep forgetting to keep your receipts and expenses proof whilst away – then it’s a great idea to download this app as an easy way to keep track of things.  Expenses can put a huge dent in your pocket if you don’t claim them, or forget to claim them back – so make sure you’re on top of everything with this app. You can get your boss hooked up on it too – so that he can share any info with you while you go.

5. Gate Guru

For people who are frequent flyers and always find themselves sat in airports – Gate Guru is a great idea for you to download. You can get the jist of any airport with a simple click – telling you what restaurants there are, whether there is Wi-Fi, seating… etc. It’s great because you can plan those 3 hours out completely – and even get some work done too.

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Elle works for Portugal Property who provide property in Portugal and holiday rentals and real estate in the region.

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