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Business Travellers -
Stay Healthy When Travelling During Winter


Business Travellers - stay healthy when travelling during winter

The cold (flu and general bug) season is now firmly upon us and we thought this would be a good time to provide some advice on how to stay healthy during hectic business trips this winter – because the only thing worse than winter travel (when you’re not jetting off for a much needed winter sunshine escape) has to be winter travel when you aren’t feeling your best.

  1. Whilst it can be tempting to opt for “grab it and go” type meals, try and ensure you maintain a balanced diet with lots of fruit and veg to help your body stay in peak shape for fighting off illness. If healthy food options are limited, make sure you top up with supplements. Starting your day with a yoghurt or smoothie will help boost your immune system with probiotics and antioxidants.
  2. Try and continue your exercise regime whilst travelling, even though you’re tired and feeling busy, as it’s been proven that exercise provides a valuable boost to the immune system. Whether it’s grabbing a quick 15 minutes in the hotel fitness suite, taking the stairs instead of the lift or inflight chair squats – keep moving to keep your body prepared for germs.
  3. You’re bound to have a busy schedule but it’s essential that you factor in adequate time to rest and recharge your batteries: depriving your system of sleep will lead to a suppressed immune system.

We also thought it might be handy to compile a check list of the things you’re likely to need on your winter travels.

Your carry on winter health essentials:

  • Antibacterial/viral hand sanitiser – you’re probably going to be shaking a lot of hands on your trip
  • A small pack of disinfectant wipes – door handles in your hotel room and even your laptop could be carrying germs
  • Supplements - for when your healthy food options are limited and you need a boost
  • A bottle of water – pack a space saving bottle in your carry on, in case your departure airport has a drinks fountain where you can refill it, or pick up a bottle in one of the shops in departures to ensure you can keep hydrated while waiting to board and when on the plane
  • Some healthy (and mess free) snacks for your journey – cereal bars, dried fruit and maybe some dark chocolate for a quick energy boost will stop you from reaching for high salt or sugar snacks on your journey: maintaining your sugar levels, providing you with extra nutrients and stopping you from getting even more dehydrated
  • A packet of tissues and pain relief – just in case you do succumb

Are there any tips that you swear by that you’d care to share? Perhaps you think we’ve missed some carry on essentials off the list? Why not pop over to our Facebook page and tell us about them!

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