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CT Business Travel deliver again in customer satisfaction survey

December 14, 2015

In November 2015, CT Business Travel rolled out our annual customer satisfaction survey to all our clients, and we’re pleased to publicise some outstanding results; notably we highlight, the question asked, “Would you recommend our services to others?” 92% of our clients expressed that they would; a further 85% went on to say that, they would rate the overall service of CT Business Travel as “good” or “excellent”.

At CT Business Travel we consistently strive to offer excellent customer service, which has been recognised through the scores of our survey. When asked “Are you consistently receiving positive customer service from your consultant?” We scored an average rating of 5 out of 5.


However, as with all services there is always room for improvement such as the need to provide more options throughout the booking service. Therefore, we are continually monitoring and reviewing procedures in order to achieve the highest level of customer service possible. Overall, we’re extremely pleased with the comments and feedback given by our clients:

“A great service and all the information I need.”

“Extremely satisfied with CT Business Travel.”

“CT Business Travel have been efficient every time I have used them. They respond quickly to emails and are always accurate.”

The full set of results from our survey:

90% of our clients said they are ‘Always’ or ‘Most of the time’ receiving positive customer service from their consultant.

81% of our clients said their email requests were ‘Always’ or ‘Most of the time’ acknowledged within 1hr.

83% of our clients said the reservations we make for them were ‘Always’ or ‘Most of the time’ accurate.

78% of our clients said that we ‘Always’ or ‘Most of the time’ offer them options and alternatives relevant to their travel needs.

91% of our clients said that their complaints are ‘Always’ or ‘Most of the time’ resolved to their satisfaction and in a timely manner.

Congratulations to all our consultants and account management teams on another fantastic year, and thank you to all those who responded to our survey, we wish you a successful 2016.


Alexander Arthur
Marketing & PR Executive
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CT Business Travel
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