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How Can Using The Services Of A TMC
Really Reduce The Carbon Footprint Of Our Company's Business Travellers?


“How can using the services of a TMC really reduce the Carbon footprint of our company’s business travellers?”

There’s a growing pressure in the business travel world (and the world at large, for that matter) for everyone to reduce their Carbon Emissions.

Now, we all know about global warming and it probably comes as no surprise that business travel, for most companies, is the biggest contributor to their Carbon footprint: CO2 emissions from corporate travel can, in fact, account for over 25% of a company’s footprint and emissions from travel are seen as highly visible indicators of the environmental impact of a business. So, does this mean an end for all business travel and is more eco conscious travel simply “green sky thinking”?

With a growing demand for environmental controls on business travel, many companies are turning to Travel Management Companies (TMC) for support; as an efficient and considered travel programme has been shown to have a dramatic impact on reducing Carbon emissions.

For businesses, the key benefits to achieving this include:

- Appeasing stake holders; including staff, customers and investors

- Reputation as an environmentally responsible business

- Costs – are, ultimately, reduced

Businesses keen to reduce their footprint, increase their efficiency and enter into a partnership with a TMC should look out for an agency that offers clients a Carbon offsetting travel solution to reduce the impact of corporate travel.

How does the Carbon offsetting solution work?

  1. Calculating the Carbon emissions of each trip using a carbon calculator that utilises best practice CO2 emissions data
  2. Investing in Carbon offsets to reduce external CO2 emissions from travel
  3. Matching CO2 output to savings to provide a Carbon neutral position

For every kg of CO2 produced by travel, money is invested in Carbon reduction projects taking place worldwide. Ultimately, this is a substantial strategic and analytical task and, with so many pressures already draining Travel Managers’ and PAs’ time, one that often gets pushed at the bottom of the ever increasing priorities list. That’s where your TMC comes in – they can undertake, administrate and implement the necessary research and findings to help your company “travel greener”.

Interested in understanding your company’s Carbon footprint? You’ll find information on calculating your organisations’ footprint here.

Have you already mastered the reduction of your Carbon emissions? Tell us about it…


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