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How To Pack
For A Business Trip


How To Pack For A Business Trip

Amid the fuss of preparing for presentations, bolstering your knowledge about the client and shaking off any pre-travel nerves, you will need to pack for your business trip. With a business trip looming, you will no doubt be pushed for time.

Our handy guide details exactly what you need to think about before boarding the plane to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch – so take a look at the following advice:

Choose suitable luggage

Your length of stay should feature when selecting your luggage. A mini suitcase is usually sufficient for shorter trips whereas a smaller bag and briefcase will suffice for a one-nighter. Remember to take into account whether you’ll need to bring a laptop, work files, special work equipment or other devices that take up space in your luggage. If the client is meeting you straight off the plane, make sure that your luggage is smart and presentable.

Travel documents

As well as having a copy of your schedule stored in your laptop documents, it is often useful to have them on paper as well. Your travel documents folder should include your itinerary, contact information for the airline, the hotel you are staying at and the car rental service you are using. To ensure you arrive at meetings on time, keep directions and the phone numbers and addresses of the people you are meeting close to hand.

Dress for success

Corporate travel often involves meeting a lot of people for the first time, so making a good impression is paramount – and one way to do this is to dress in a smart, professional manner. To do this without using up all the available space in your luggage, pack a few essentials which will allow you to create a multitude of ensembles suitable for formal daytime events as well as evening dinners and cocktail meet and greets.

Choose clothing that doesn’t crease easily, such as lightweight wool or ‘wrinkle-free’ cotton, and pack a hanger so that you can smooth out any wrinkles once you get to your hotel.

Charged laptop

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination with a laptop that won’t turn on or is damaged in some way. To avoid nightmare scenarios, make sure your laptop is fully charged before you leave and that you can connect to your company network. You should also think about buying a sturdy case to prevent any damage occurring in transit.

Books and gadgets

Solitary travel or downtime on your own after a meeting with clients means business trips can be lonely. A good book or fun gadget can be a great remedy for this, so pack something you’ve been meaning to read for a long time or renew your love of Solitaire. Make sure one of the books you pack is a city guide: not only will you be able to make the most of your leisure time but you will also be in a position to impress clients or co-workers with your local knowledge.

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