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New White Paper: The World of Female Business Travel

January 29, 2019

Whitepaper: The World Of Female Business TravelWe’re fortunate enough to live in an age where the business world is being challenged and shaped by forward-thinking women daily. In a time when the reach of business travel is alongside the role women play in that landscape, more women than ever are taking to road, rail and sky to travel for their roles.

At CT Business Travel, we want to make sure that we account for all factors when planning travel for our clients. This led us to the question – what is it like for women to travel for business? How do the needs of women differ from men, and what are their focuses when planning and participating in business travel? We decided to go to the source to find out by creating The Female Business Traveller Survey.

This survey was delivered to female business travellers in the UK to find out more about their challenges, experiences, concerns and preferences. The results were very eye-opening, and resulted in a comprehensive white paper that highlighted the survey results and offered practical and safety tips for female business travellers.


Our survey focused on key areas of business travel for women: safety, preferences, and destinations. The survey results highlighted a few very key facts. For example, safety is a top priority for female business travellers, with 61% of respondents stating they would avoid countries that are hotspots for dangerous activity.

We share many more eye-opening facts in the white paper, including how many women wouldn’t know what to do if they encountered a dangerous situation or travel disruption when travelling for business.

Safety & Practical Advice

Making safe choices when travelling for business doesn’t have to be a burden, and The World of Female Business Travel shares many practical safety tips. From a comprehensive Do & Don’t section to raising issues like safety on social media and researching female friendly hotels, this white paper suggests many ways women can make safe choices when on a business trip.

The white paper also shares practical tips for a female business traveller, focusing on the benefits of planning ahead as well as helpful packing tips.

Top Tips from Female Business Travellers

To make sure women get the best travel tips, we asked our respondents to share their top tips and any advice they would want to pass on to their fellow female business travellers. We also reached out to some of our female clients who are travel experts, and they shared helpful information and insights with the aim of making the road smoother for other female business travellers.

Want to read the full white paper and discover all survey result figures, tips and information? Click below to Download.

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