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Press Release – CT Business Travel Publish White Paper – What Are The Real Benefits Of Using A Travel Management Company

June 19, 2015

In the age of the Internet and how it is empowering consumers to do more for themselves, CT Business Travel decided to publish a white paper to help businesses understand that it definitely pays to utilise the services of a travel management company rather than adopting a ‘DIY’ approach.
Clare Collins, CT Business Travel’s Managing Director commented; “As recently as the 1990s, booking flights and overseas accommodation was almost exclusively the reserve of travel agents, given their access to bespoke intranet systems containing commercial data and exclusive contracts. Today, booking a flight online is as easy as buying tickets to the cinema. This development has had a massive impact on the traditional high-street travel agent, with many going out of business. However, for business users it can actually be misleading and make things more complicated and costly to book trips online for themselves. Unfortunately a lot of businesses don’t realise that there are significant benefits and cost savings when using a travel management company to organise and manage their corporate travel”.
Collins continued, “This is why we decided to produce a white paper to help highlight such benefits and cost savings businesses can achieve, and positively impact their bottom line”.

The white paper is free of charge to anyone interested in reading it, simply visit

http://www.ctbusinesstravel.co.uk/news/white-papers/what-are-the-real-business-benefits-of-working-with-a-travel-management-company to request your copy.

For press/media queries please contact:

Clare Collins
CT Business Travel
01892 673 420

About CTT Group:
CTT Group Ltd was established in 1988 (known back then as Country Trails Travel) by CEO,
Mark Kempster. This independently owned group is now well established and has been turned into a multimillion pound leisure and business travel company with an enviable reputation within the areas that it operates. There are a number of brands that comprise the CTT Group: CT Business Travel, Packyourbags Travel, Medway Leisure Travel, Medway Travel Management, and most recently Pettitts Travel.

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