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Sustainable Travel Initiatives:
a Summary from Willow, CT Business Travel's Wellness Director


Sustainable Travel Initiatives: a Summary from Willow, CT Business Travel's Wellness Director

Introducing Willow our Wellness Director

2017 saw the introduction of CT Business Travel’s Wellness Director in the form of Managing Director Clare Collins’ caramel-coloured cockapoo, Willow.

Influencing mindful business travelOver the past 18 months, Willow has been extremely busy growing the CT’s ‘Wellness Academy’ in the form of our employee’s four-legged furry friends. She now leads a team of 15 dogs – who not only bring wellness from strokes and walks – but are all also integral to our employee welfare and sustainability strategy
Willow ensures everyone in the company is happy and healthy, and as part of her remit, she organises wellness days and events throughout the year. As Willow loves her walks and the great outdoors, travel – and the impact it has on the world – has always been one of her concerns. So, this year she has been working closely alongside CT Business Travel’s Account Management and Sustainability teams looking at mindful travel and traveller wellbeing as well as carbon offsetting initiatives.

It’s over to you Willow…

Influencing mindful business travel

Wooof, I’m Willow! Whilst sustainability continues to be a hot topic globally, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the impact that travel has on the environment. Post-pandemic, it is likely businesses will be reflecting on their travel policy and looking at ways to reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint.

“Going green dramatically benefits businesses – here at CT Business Travel we believe it should be central in any coronavirus recovery strategy.”

My team, alongside our Account Managers and Sustainability Officers, have been working tirelessly to ensure that, as a Travel Management Company, we offer our clients innovative solutions and expert advice how to travel more sustainability as a business.

CT Business Travel’s sustainable travel initiatives

CT Business Travel’s sustainable travel initiativesAfter recognising the need to introduce a carbon offsetting partner to the business, earlier in the year, CT Business Travel teamed up with Trees4Travel to assist our clients who want to commit to the environment with a simple, impactful, and affordable solution. We are extremely proud to be partnered with Trees4Travel and are delighted to see so many of our clients signed up to this initiative, offsetting their carbon as they travel.

We have also seen a strong need to help our clients’ implement a tailored sustainable travel policy suitable to their business needs. Initial recommendations and advice CT Business Travel can offer clients includes:

  • Highlighting and using preferred ‘green’ travel partners including airlines, hotels and ground suppliers.
  • Switching to more sustainable travel alternatives where possible, e.g. travelling by rail rather than air, travelling economy class over business etc.
  • Measuring and reporting carbon footprint and implementing our offsetting programme powered by Trees4Travel.
  • Engaging and educating travellers of informed decisions and personal considerations when travelling – we have created our Top 20 tips for more mindful travel which are available to all of our clients’ travellers.

Owner of Willow and Managing Director Corporate Travel, Clare Collins said “wellbeing and sustainability go hand in hand and I play a big part in ensuring our team at CT Business Travel are aware of what is best for them and our clients”.

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