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Aviation Update


Brexit Aviation Update

The Government remains determined to get a deal with the EU, but they will, in parallel, continue to make necessary provisions in the event of a non-negotiated outcome. 

In respect to aviation, negotiations are still underway on data sharing agreements with the EU. If no agreement is concluded, provisions may be needed for EU airlines to share passenger name record (PNR)data with the UK. Regardless of the outcome of the data negotiations, UK airlines will continue to be able to transfer PNR data to EU member states.  

Their priority must be to ensure that flights can continue to operate safely, securely and punctually between the UK and EU at the end of transition period.Both the UK and EU would need to review such provisions to ensure continued connectivity in a non-negotiated outcome. Both sides have shown continued commitment to maintain connectivity – for mutual benefit. We would expect this to remain the case and they are confident that this means that flights will continue in any scenario. We will keep you updated on further developments.

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