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Running Business Better
With iQCX


Running business better with iQCX

Over the past few months the Project Team at CT Business Travel has been working towards implementing a new piece of technology which will help to deliver on our promise of providing an efficient, personalised and accurate service.

iQCX is a web-based reservation management platform designed to better manage reservations, issue tickets, deliver itineraries and produce travel program reporting and analysis. iQCX works seamlessly alongside our booking systems and profile systems in which we store travel policies, company requirements and individual traveller preferences.

The main change will be noticed in our itineraries and confirmations. These have been updated to only apply the information specific to your trip, for example, directing travellers in how to apply for a US ESTA when travelling to America.

There are many other features of iQCX which help to guarantee accuracy on each booking, examples include:

• Ensuring all bookings are made in accordance with your travel policy.

• Automatically cross referring frequent flyer memberships to enable maximum point collection.

• Ensuring all passports are valid. In the case where passports are due to expire an email will be sent to remind the holder to renew their passport.

• All contact details are passed to airlines so travellers can be promptly notified of any major disruptions or cancellations via SMS or email.

• All invoices and additional billing information, such as cost centres and department codes, are purposed in the correct format as per individual requests.


We feel it is important that each of our clients is treated on an individual basis – iQCX allows us to implement a customised set-up specific to the needs of each client. Further developments to iQCX are due over the coming months, which will further contribute to a improving the user experience, such additions include an ‘Add to Calendar’ function on itineraries.

Should you wish to make updates to your set-up or have any questions regarding the new management platform, please do contact one of our team who will be more than happy to talk through this process.


Alexander Arthur Marketing & PR Executive 01892 673422 CT Business Travel
Alexander Arthur
Marketing & PR Executive
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CT Business Travel

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