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UNIGLOBE Chairman's Circle
Invites Travel Management Specialist


UNIGLOBE Chairman’s Circle Invites Travel Management Specialist

Travel management specialist CT Business Travel attends UNIGLOBE’s Chairman Circle Conference for the first time.

The UNIGLOBE Chairman's Circle Conference is an annual recognition program for the top UNIGLOBE travel agency owners worldwide.

It is a unique and special forum for corporate travel businesses to attend and meet with UNIGLOBE’s travel international management team to share ideas and discuss strategies for the future. The conference also includes a series of interesting presentations led by various heads of large corporations giving further insight into current trends being recorded and new ideas for the future.

In addition, the conference serves as a platform for networking, allowing UNIGLOBE business travel agent members from different locations around the world to meet each other and identify ways of working with one another in an effort to be able to better serve their clients in future.

The event took place in Hong Kong mid January 2011, and lasted 6 days. In order to be invited to the UNIGLOBE Chairman's Circle, UNIGLOBE member agencies must qualify by meeting a minimum annual revenue volume, be in good standing and in compliance with their franchise agreement, and be nominated by their Regional office.

Following another year of steady growth, CT Business Travel was acknowledged as one of UNIGLOBE’s top performing corporate agents in the UK, and was subsequently invited for the first time to attend the event.

Mark Kempster, CT Business Travel’s Managing Director commented, “To be able to attend the Chairman’s Circle event is a fantastic achievement for our business, and reflects the hard efforts and commitment the entire team at CT Business Travel continuously give. Of course, becoming a member of UNIBGLOBE to start with has played a pivotal role in our success too; the kudos of being a UNIGLOBE member has helped our company become one of the leading business travel agents in the UK today”.

UNIGLOBE is one of the world’s largest truly independent travel management companies. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the opening of UNIGLOBE’s first franchise in 1981 in British Columbia, Canada. Today more than 750 locations are now operating the UNIGLOBE franchise in more than 50 countries.

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