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Business Hotel
Booking Service

Optimise Your Accommodation


CT Business Travel’s hotel booking service

Why not let us help you achieve greater value for money from your company’s accommodation budget?

As a truly customer-focused and service driven travel partner, you can rely on CT Business Travel to secure the best rates across the widest range of accommodation. From independent hotels and small B&B’s, to large international hotel chains and wonderfully unique five star luxury hotels: quite simply, we offer all types of accommodation for all budgets and tastes. We manage the booking and reconciliation process end-to-end, so you don’t have to.

As Uniglobe partners, we have access to the largest worldwide hotel programme and the best rates. This is great news for you when it comes to choice as well as budget. Our user-friendly technology also means it’s quick and easy to identify the best priced hotels available for a chosen location.

We know that policy compliance is vital if you are to achieve the most from your business travel budget, so we work with you to pre-define preferences and put robust checks in place. We can include the standard of accommodation, room types and evening meal allowances, for example, as well as setting budget caps to ensure bookings do not exceed specified amounts.

Efficient hotel booking, payment and reconciliation

  • Charge bookings to a credited account as required

  • A choice of online or offline booking 24/7

  • Access unique, volume deals with your preferred hotels

  • Gain maximum benefit from loyalty reward schemes

  • Charge bookings to a credited account as required

  • Comprehensive management information and reporting

Get in touch and let’s see how we can
make the most of your Corporate travel management

6 Great Reasons to choose us for your travel

  • Control – Your policies, your budget, your resources

  • Care – Safe travellers, treated with care

  • Cost – Make well informed savings, based on data

  • Consolidation – Know exactly what you are spending and where

  • Compliance – Bespoke technology for enforced policies and approvals

  • Content – Best in market pricing

I would like to receive travel news & information.


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