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Management Information Reporting


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CT Business Travel’s reporting capabilities

Our management reports reveal exactly how much your company is spending on business travel and accommodation

Our reports enabling you to quickly and easily analyse data on travel arrangements, modes of transport, individual or departmental activities, time periods etc. Information accessibility and flexibility is fundamental for analysing trends, controlling expenditure and identifying cost saving opportunities.

Every CT Business Travel client has direct access to a wealth of useful management information. We already have over 250 standard reports available for you to choose from, either online or offline, and at any frequency. You can also self-generate reports on demand or create bespoke reports to reflect your information preferences.


Fast, accurate support for your business travel needs

Please call to discuss our management reporting capabilities and how we can tailor it to support your business needs.

  • Where do our staff travel to most of all?

  • Which airlines are most cost effective for us?

  • How much have we spent over a specific time period?

  • Which hotels have provided the best deals?

  • Where can cost savings be made?

  • Where should we invest additional budget to improve the traveller experience?

  • How does our business travel budget break down by department?

  • Can we afford to upgrade middle managers to first class travel?

Get in touch and let’s see how we can
make the most of your Corporate travel management

6 Great Reasons to choose us for your travel

  • Control – Your policies, your budget, your resources

  • Care – Safe travellers, treated with care

  • Cost – Make well informed savings, based on data

  • Consolidation – Know exactly what you are spending and where

  • Compliance – Bespoke technology for enforced policies and approvals

  • Content – Best in market pricing

I would like to receive travel news & information.


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