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Our upcoming Trade Missions

CT Business Travel is recognised as one of the leading suppliers of Travel Management for Trade Missions.

With an enviable reputation and a wealth of experience in running trade missions, our dedicated team will help you get the most out of your mission

These Trade Missions take CT Business Travel delegates to many locations over the world and usually to places where there are significant cultural and language differences. Our Trade Mission clients consist of government bodies, trade organisations, many large and small companies and organisations from the ‘Not for Profit’ sector.

Get in touch and let’s see how we can
make the most of your Corporate travel management

6 Great Reasons to choose us for your travel

  • Control – Your policies, your budget, your resources

  • Care – Safe travellers, treated with care

  • Cost – Make well informed savings, based on data

  • Consolidation – Know exactly what you are spending and where

  • Compliance – Bespoke technology for enforced policies and approvals

  • Content – Best in market pricing

I would like to receive travel news & information.


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