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Travel Sustainability
Mindful Travel Behaviour

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With an ever-increasing focus on sustainability and green travel, it has never been so important for businesses to create, support and meet ESG strategies.

With regards to mindful travel, we believe both businesses and individuals can make a difference. When travelling you may wish to consider the following:

  • Think about your impact on the environment – both physically and socially
  • Do your part to minimise the impact you make on the environment – travel responsibly and sustainably
  • Understand the various eco-friendly choices you can make pre and during travel
  • Make eco-conscious choices when the options available are right for you
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With CT Business Travel as your travel partner we would also become a proactive sustainability partner, driving and delivering change the way you travel.

We like to take a consultative approach when its comes to sustainable business travel. Your Account Manager will work closely with you to determine the best practices for your business and travel policy. Some of the ways we can help include:

  • Implement a green travel policy that is aligned with your sustainability objectives and is feasible, flexible and cost-effective
  • Highlight preferred and green travel providers within the booking tool
  • Measure your carbon footprint and integrate a suitable offsetting programme
  • Calculate and report your CO2 emissions generated from travel
  • Advise both stakeholders and travellers with regards to sustainable travel

Available on request, we have two 'Green Travel Guides', which include considerations and recommendations for sustainable travel: one for stakeholders and decision makers, and the other for travellers.

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If a client chooses to incorporate the Trees4Travel offsetting initiative, CT Business Travel will assist with:

  • Calculating their business travel carbon footprint
  • Integrating the offsetting programme seamlessly within their travel policy
  • Reporting CO2 emissions for air, rail and car travel as well as accommodation
  • Providing comprehensive reporting on the CT Business Travel dashboard
  • ESG Scope 3 reporting requirements
Offsetting your travel

For more details on how CT Business Travel can help incorporate sustainable travel within your travel policy, get in contact with the team.

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